Saturday, February 8, 2014


NOTE: As a result of this week's challenges, a reminder about Transparent, Semi-Transparent and Opaque products has been placed on the SNS Tips and Techniques page. This explanation appears under each section at the top, so that it will be very easy to find whenever you are using ANY BRAND of glitters or embossing powders.

There were LOTS of correct answers last week!
Google Blogger's "counter" does not work as high as 2,558, so I copy and pasted the list from our "eligible for next drawing" tab into my word processor, and let it number everyone.

Hopefully you all enjoyed the brief "mini-classes," too.

We would also like to assure players that your prizes are shipped at our cost - you will not incur shipping charges.

This week's winners are:

Lynne Platt 2-7

marva flynn (2/3)

 Gloria Probert 2/7/14

  Connie Nichols

Congratulations, everyone!

This week winners get to choose from the following:

 1. any stamp set of your choice

2. any 10 digital images of your choice

3. any 3 bottles of Velvet Glitter

4. any 5 bottles of embossing powders and/or glitters (other than velvet glitter)

Please email me with the exact item number(s) and name(s) of the product(s). My email is in the right panel.
We will also need your mailing address.
If you are international, your phone number is required.

Congratulations to our four winners!

Monday, we will begin a new round for week three! 
Hope you all are enjoying yourselves.
Please know your valuable time is appreciated.


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barbara macaskill said...

Congratulations ladies!! Enjoy your new goodies!!!