Tuesday, February 18, 2014


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Bahama Woodstar Hummingbird by Rosiland Solomon.
Today's Words:

171 Paste BONUS WORD
21 Digital Stamps BONUS WORD
95 Search BONUS WORD
149 Chocolate BONUS WORD
166 Valentine
175 Water BONUS WORD
178 Coffee Filter
90 Marbled Embossing Powder BONUS WORD
98 Poinssettia

  • If you have all of the bonus words, receive an extra FIFTY entries for the drawing this Saturday! 
  • If you have ALL TEN words, receive 150 extra entries for Saturday's drawing + you can choose how you want the 150 divided up - a little each day or all in one day.  
  • Be sure to send an email to SNS_Bingo@tampabay.rr.com with your name in the Subject Sentence followed by the date of the challenge questions.

Rusty with Flowers

Let's discuss something which is not always "understood" in Rubber Stamp circles. The horror of it is so disturbing to some rubber enthusiasts, that they consider it "taboo" and prefer not to even think about it. Many close their eyes and shout "NOOOOO! IT CANNOT BE!"

Gulp! DARE we broach the subject? 
We will just whisper it...

Digital Images 
                                 Digital Stamping 
                                                                      Digital Creations

Many stampers "poo-poo" digital stamps, yet they have never tried them.


why would anyone do that?

we know why... (giggle)

Grape Bunch by Rosiland Solomon in a creation by Roberta of Created With Love Challenges.
So let's look at the Positives... (don't be afraid, we'll hold your hand)...

Hope you don't mind. Today's post is written with the informal "you", instead of more professionally, because after all, this is a touchy subject and we ARE hand-holding (giggle).
  1. While I'm lucky that I don't have to hide my purchases from my husband, many of my stamping buddies DO hide their purchases. Digital images are conveniently located on your harddrive. They are sent directly to your computer. They can be stored there, or copied onto DVDs to become portable and be used any computer. You can copy them to a thumb drive, SD drive, or even another external harddrive. OR all of the above. So storage is not a problem. NEITHER is hiding them. (smile)
  2. Digitals can be organized into folders on your computer. Because they don't really take that much disk space, you can create a folder by manufacturer, and another folder by theme, another folder by style, and so forth. It does not matter how many times you duplicate an image on your harddrive when it is for your own use. You'll be able to find it anywhere on your harddrive in whatever way you choose to name it.
  3. To take up even LESS space on your hard disk, you can create as many folders as you like and create ALIASes of your image. Each ALIAS can have its own name, and be filed into whatever folders you like.
  4. Digi's (as they have been fondly dubbed) can be resized to nearly any dimension you need. Ever found a stamp and wish it could be smaller or larger? Digi's allow you that leeway.
  5. Depending on the software your computer already has, some digitals can be colored right on the computer, although that is still frowned up in some circles.
  6. No ink pad is needed.
  7. No clean up after "stamping".
  8. No warping or damage to the rubber.
  9. Spending fewer dollars on the stamps so that you can spend more money on other fun goodies.
Vivian Hat Lady as created by Rachel of Created With Love Challenges.

There are Negatives...

  1. The biggest negative is the Fear of the Unknown.
  2. Not being able to heat-emboss images.
  3. Difficulty (if even possible) to mask and over stamp.
  4. Computer Crash (but that is why back-ups are made on DVDs, SDs, thumb drives, or a secondary harddrive. Or better yet... THE CLOUD).
  5. Having a printer available at your location.
  6. Having a printer which allows for both watercolor and Copic-style mediums.
  7. Many images do not allow you to place them closely together to create a scene.
  8. Having way too many wonderful images to choose from.
Ok, that's enough horror for one day.

There are a total of 9 opportunities to have your name submitted to Random.org on Saturday. Be sure to send an email to SNS_Bingo@tampabay.rr.com with your name in the Subject Sentence followed by the date of the challenge questions.

1. Of all the "positives" listed, is there even ONE which would be helpful to you?

2. Which of the positives is most attractive to you - or do you have another positive to share?

3. What is the biggest negative about digitals for you?

4. (up to 3 entries) Have you ever used a digi image before?
     4a. If yes, did it meet the needs of your paper crafting?
     4b. If no, what is the primary reason have you not used a digital image so far?

5. (up to 2 entries) Can you mention 2 reasons why the BINGO WORD "PASTE" is relevant to digital images?

6. Why is Chocolate on the bingo word list?

Hope you are enjoying a happy stamping day!

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