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If you were unable to create a bingo “card” prior to the deadline, you may still play and become eligible for one of the weekly prizes. Click here for how to play without a card (see No Bingo Card? And Weekly)

I've made Marie's Card extra large so that you can see the glittered areas. Details for her card are here.

TIP: U.S. Postal rates just went up to 49¢ for a one ounce letter. The max envelope size for letters is 6 1/8" (15.5 cm) high by 11 1/2" long/wide (29.2cm). The max thickness is 1/4" (.63cm). If you have a lot of brads and eyelets in your stash, or ribbons you'd like to tie in bows, you can still use them, staying in the max thickness. Some card makers turn their cards inside out to mail, but the cards usually arrive mutilated. I have found that using a single piece of cut 110lb cardstock placed on the top of my card (cut to the size of the envelope) will let my cards arrive in good shape, protecting them from the rollers used in post office machinery. Wal-Mart sells a cheap brand (I think it is Georgia Pacific 100 page pack) for about $5, and SamsClub sells it for about $7 for 250 page pack with free shipping. Cut it to size and use it, to stay in the 1/4" max thickness and be able to use up your brands and ribbons, protecting your card.

Happy Spring #492

Today's Words Are:

118 Sunflower
69 Faux Patina
23 Blue
84 Ice Cream
193 Wine
173 Cerise
19 Seashore

Velvet (Microfine) glitters are completely different from SNS sparkly Ultrafine glitters. They actually become an art medium in many ways because any regular and "alcohol" markers can be used on them. Most inks work on them, and even watercolor mediums (re-inkers, tubes, crayons, pencils). As long as your coloring medium is transparent or translucent, the sparkle will shine through. If the coloring medium is opaque (cannot be seen through), then the sparkle under the color will not show.

Click on Marie's photo to enlarge and see details. Directions are here.
You may want to click on the above photo to see the details. The 3 little bunnies are made on sticker paper. Cut a small size of sticker paper. Remove the protective layer. Apply Cloud Nine velvet glitter and burnish into the sticky part. Brush off excess into coffee filter. The bunnies were stamped with VersaMark and stamped directly to the Cloud Nine glitter. Teddy Brown EP was added to the VersaMark and heat set. Then the bunnies were colored in. It is EXTREMELY EASY to shade colors on top of Cloud Nine velvet glitter. The same technique was used on the big bunny on the card front. 

Both cards today feature glittered, horizontal "panels" with white glitter. Both panels used the Masking Technique. Not your usual mask. These masks were made from the protective layer from sticker paper and Tear-ific Tape. This allows you to use your edge/border punches (or die cuts) to create beautiful, glittery panels. It is not a messy technique as long as coffee filters are used.

Depending how thorough you answer, there are a total of 10 opportunities to have your name submitted to on Saturday. Be sure to send an email to with your name in the Subject Sentence followed by the date of the challenge questions.

1. (1 entry)  Color on Velvet Glitter Tutorial - Scroll down a little to see the stamping on velvet glitters, and coloring on velvet glitters. Can one color of glitter be used on a card, yet have it look like several colors of glitters were used?

2. (1 entry) SNS Tips and Technique PAGE - How many tutorials appear on the SNS Tips and Techniques page for Velvet Glitter?

3. (1 entry) Do you ever use the SNS Tips and Techniques page (other than for bingo LOL)?

4. (2 entries) Have you used the glitter masking technique? (if you cannot view videos, please click here) It can be used with Sticker Paper, Tear-ific Tapes, or Super Adhesive Sheets. 

  • If Yes, did you enjoy the result? 
  • If No, will you please share why?

5. (1 entry) Does coloring on glitter seems strange to you?

6. (up to 4 entries) What are some of the products we can color glitter with?

glittery spring flower hugs,

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