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It's Thursday, and most of the country saw more SNOW yesterday and last night. (sigh) I feel for all of you. 

If you were unable to create a bingo “card” prior to the deadline, you may still play and become eligible for one of the weekly prizes. Click here for how to play without a card (see No Bingo Card? And Weekly)
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Yesterday I was asked by several players if the markers are ruined when coloring on the velvet glitter. No, the markers are undamaged. I have used Tombow, SU!, Copics, and real watercolors. The glitter does not come off onto the markers. If a little bit does, just wipe it off, but I have not had that happen.

PREPARE: When using Velvet Glitter as a base, the glitter is burnished into the adhesive. Then the excess is brushed off the top. Now the surface is truly clean - without loose glitter. 

The card below uses watercolors - even the frame on the velvet glitter has been shaded with watercolors.

Directions here

Today's Words Are:

100 Bahama Mama
139 Romance
192 Reveals
46 Animals
57 Strawberries

cloud nine velvet glitter

(sorry, I made a mistake early yesterday - it was corrected at 12:40PM EST yesterday) The word should have been #69 Faux Patina (#62 had been called on Monday). I think I'm going bingo crazy - sorry for the  mistake.

Directions here.
When coloring on Velvet Glitter, I find it best to lightly apply color (no scrubbing).
When using Memento ink for your image, and coloring with Copics, Alcohol, Spectrum Noir or Promarkers, try to keep the color on the surface of the glitter. It is not necessary to saturate the color. The glitter readily absorbs it. If  "scrubbing" is done to blend the colors, the solvent might seep below the glitter into the adhesive, and possibly "loosen" your glitter.
A light hand is good. You can always add more color to dry glitter if desired.
I have never had glitter come up (keeping fingers crossed LOL)

Directions here.

I have successfully AND WITHOUT ANY DIFFICULTY used all colors of Staz-On ink, VersaFine Ink, and Memento Ink on velvet glitter. The images are always crisp and clear as is evidenced by the sentiment stamped on Cloud Nine below.
Directions here.
When using Staz-On Inks, try using watercolors or water-based (regular markers) markers or even water-based dye inks. My favorite medium is  watercolor crayons applied with a Dove Blender Pen (altho a water brush or regular brush can also be used). I found that the Dove Blender actually produces more intense color and does not saturate the glitter. It is important to remember that there is adhesive under the glitter and we don't want to over saturate it with moisture. Prepare your surface as mentioned above. Stamp image, and color LIGHTLY with watercolors or markers for beautifully intense color. 

Here is a tutorial for using watercolor pencils on velvet glitter.
Directions here
One last tip - when using the pretty flourishes that have pearls or rhinestones, I prefer masking their self-adhesive element, as shown above. To do this, simply apply your sticker, press firmly, and then douse the top with Cloud Nine or other color velvet glitter. It will adhere to that clear sticky which otherwise shows up. (See? the spaces between the pearls don't show the sticky stuff).

There are a total of 11 opportunities to have your name submitted to on Saturday. Be sure to send an email to with your name in the Subject Sentence followed by the date of the challenge questions.

1. (up to 3 entries) Will Coloring on a surface prepared with Cloud Nine glitter ruin a marker?
   a) if yes, why?
   b) if no, why?

2. (1 entry) Can a bold image stamped with dye-based ink be stamped on Velvet Glitter?

3. (1 entry) Assuming you will be coloring on Velvet Glitter, which ink should be used if you are going to color an image water-based markers?

4. (1 entry) Assuming you will be coloring on Velvet Glitter, which ink should be used if you are going to color an image alcohol-based markers?

5. (1 entry) Is is possible to glitter a panel and stamp only a sentiment on the Velvet glitter?

6. (up to 3 entries) Will you be using the Coloring on Velvet Glitter technique?
   a) if yes, which mediums most appeal to you?
   b) if no, would you please share why?

7. (1 entry) How might velvet glitter be used on other embellishments such as jeweled stickers?

Thank you for being patient with me today. I do apologize for the lateness in posting this. (I will leave the words up longer on the blog to make up for the lateness).

stamping hugs,

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