Friday, February 21, 2014


Good Morning, Everyone!
Just FYI - at the end of the game, I will republish all the blog posts so you can go back and look at them if you like. :-)

please forgive me
I have received more than 25 requests this morning
(this does not include last night and yesterday)
for help with their lists, and did I already call their questionable certain numbers.

I'd love to help everyone with this, but I feel guilty if I do that.
The rules said that the words would be up for only 72 hours.
Maybe next time we can think about changing the rules.
The first year, we did not have that rule and discovered that
people were only visiting the game site once every few weeks
until bingo came down to the wire.
That sort of defeats the purpose of the game,
and it removes the element of sportsmanship.

So, while I want to help each one of you,
regardless of how much of my non-existent time it woud take LOL,
I feel it is not fair to the other players.

That being said...
if it turns out that no one calls bingo...
We will choose a grand prize winner from the last week's entries using RANDOM.ORG
so don't give up

hope this sounds fair

Please don't throw rotten tomatoes at me (weak smile).
Details for Shanna's card here.

I sure hope that the seemingly never-ending onslaught in the North is not causing you too many problems. I have sent much Florida Sunshine your way in hopes that things are soon looking up.

Spunky Valentine with Pocket Full of Papers

Thank you, one and all, for being such great sports throughout this bingo game!
Additionally, thank you for your many suggestions. They have been given to Margaret, and we have given them careful consideration. Wish we could implement all of them, but there are time constraints, and of course, money constraints.
details here

Yesterday I boo-boo'ed. Sorry about that. Number 90 had already been called. It sounded familiar LOL but had not been crossed off my list. I'm blitzed! So there, you have it. (giggle)

Today's words are:

#169 Fairy Dust
#91 Distress Ink
#41 Chipboard

and now there are SIX...

April's card has glittery germs! YIKES! 

How about some brief questions from the very beginning of bingo? They are not identical to the beginning, but the information was from "back then". Still, you can always go back to the website and look around the categories for the answers if you're not sure. Another hint is to use the Tips and Techniques page.

1) True or False - ALL of the semi-transparent embossing powders show up in the "Semi-Transparent" category.

2) True or False - Opaque glitters can be used with Semi-Transparent techniques.

3) True or False - Dimensional glue does not really make glitters or flocking powder more dimensional.

4) True or False - Memento Inks cannot be used with watercolor techniques.

5) True or False - Tear-ific tapes may be used with embossing powders.

6) True or False - It is possible to "mask shapes" using Super Adhesive Sheets and Tear-ific Tapes.

7) True or False - After coloring an image with colored pencils, you want to add sparkle, so you choose an opaque glitter to do this.

8) True or False - Ornament Glue will dry clear on glass.

9) True or False - you want to believe in the glitter fairy.

10) True or False - projects made with digital images are flat and without layers or dimension.

There are a total of 10 opportunities to have your name submitted to on Saturday. Be sure to send an email to with your name in the Subject Sentence followed by the date of the challenge questions.

Tomorrow is our drawing!
Good Luck, my friends!

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