Thursday, February 20, 2014


I don't know what to say

Still no bingo grand prize winner!

I have a little concern that possibly...

everyone needs...

the same last word.

Obviously everyone needs some from the last few!

There are only a few words left.

My records show that there are 14 words left to call.
I could have made a mistake, and forgotten to cross one of the words off.
I'm sure someone will let me know if I'm in error LOL

What we are going to do is this:

Regardless of when bingo is called out, Saturday will be our last weekly challenge drawing.

Fewer words will be called each day to prevent a mass number of players from shouting BINGO all at one time LOL
Today will be the last day to have five words.

If necessary, we will continue calling out words all next week.
How does that sound? It's the fairest way I can think to do it.

Your words today are:

#147 Joy
#141 Tear-ific Tape
#45 Red
#86 Asian
#90 Marbled Embossing Powder

Product of the Day: Pocket full of Papers

Artist Rita Kraushaar approached Margaret last year at a convention with the idea that we might be interested in her hand-drawn papers. They really are high quality, designer papers, printed on 80lb cardstock with a smooth finish. They are not text weight like many other designer papers, which is only 20lb. Rita’s splendidly patterned designs have color contrasts and intensities which bring a special vitality to crafting projects. I loved using one of these papers on my recent Spunky Card. Brilliant, fun, and artsy, each paper is a piece of art in itself. Perfect for card making, papier mache, decoupage, and scrapbooking, these 12x12 papers coordinate with one another, and are reasonably priced to enhance your paper collection.

They are so pretty, I found it somewhat difficult to cut into the sheets. (It's that "oh, it's too pretty to cut" attitude). But I decided they were so reasonably priced, that I could cut where I wanted to, and not be upset. Also, I enjoy the fact that an individual created these from her own imagination, without the help of a computer. Because they are 80lb weight, they cut crisply with scissors, punches, and dies.

Imagine a simple card, with one of Rita's papers layered on top. Pop on a ribbon and a sentiment. Or use a Quickie Glue Pen and outline some of the design, then adding embossing powder or glitter to create really spectacular cards. Pretty papers don't need a lot of "help" to make a pretty card.

Rita is constantly creating new designs. Margaret changes which papers we carry on a regular basis so that there is always something new, always some old, and always something fabulous (gotcha on that one!)

Personally, I wanted to reorder a few which are not showing up right now. But I found some others I had not previously seen, so I'll get those instead (smile)

Sparkle N Sprinkle also sells other types of cardstock here.

There are a total of 25 opportunities to have your name submitted to on Saturday. Be sure to send an email to with your name in the Subject Sentence followed by the date of the challenge questions.

1) (1 entry) How many papers are currently in Pocket Full of Papers?

2) (2 entries) How many papers contain shades of purple?

3) (5 entries) Without thinking about how you would use it, which of your papers is your favorite and why?

4) (1 entry) true or false - these are light weight papers similar to text paper weight.

5) (1 entry) if money were not an object, would you enjoy playing with one of these papers? Honesty counts LOL

6) (1 entry) do you enjoy papers that match our glitters and embossing powders?

7) (10 entries) what other types of cardstocks does SNS sell?

8) (4 entries) have you ever purchased Cardstock from SNS?
      if yes, why?
      if no, why?

Sending Florida Sunshiny Hugs to you,

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