Weekly Winners

Please claim your prizes by March 1, 2014.

Grand Prize Winner:

Marva Flynn  (sent)

Drawing on Satuarday, February 15 by Random.org

Pat Webb (sent)

Debbie Aboulfath (sent)

Helen Markee

Carmen Raddatz (sent)

Jan Wood (sent w/April kit)

Kristine Mylett (sent)

Frann Rosenblum (sent)

Pat Hayrynen (sent)

Carol Jones (sent)

Karen Beer (sent)

Drawing on Satuarday, February 15 by Random.org

Sandy Kersting (sent)

Carolyn Carter (sent)

Ann Gove (sent)

Nana Connie (sent)

Meralyn Hansen (sent)

Drawing on Saturday, February 8 by Random.org

Winner #437 is
Lynne Platt (2-7 response) (sent)

Winner #2422 is
Marva Flynn (2-3 response)  (sent)

Winner #237 is
Gloria Probert (2-7 response) (sent)

Winner #1833 is
Connie Nichols 

Drawing on Saturday, February 1 by Random.org

Winner #2149 is
Lisa Cardenas (1-28 response)

Winner #1851 is
Janet LoBianco (1-28 response) (sent)

Winner #21 is
Barbara MacAskill (1-31 response) (sent)

Winner #2018 is
Karen Shipman (1-28 response)

Winner #394 is
Melissa Alexander (1-31 response) (sent)

Drawing on Saturday, January 25 by Random.org

Winner #109 is
Karen Young (1-24 response) (sent)

Winner #377 is
Lois Gulotta (1-23 response) (sent)

Winner #641 is
Joyce Irvin (1-22 response) (sent)

(interesting that Random.org did not choose anyone with the bonus words)


brenda trimmer said...

lucky you!

barbara macaskill said...

Thank you Brenda! I also want to thank Margaret for being so generous to award FIVE people prizes this week!!! I was so glad to see my name!!! I love that I am learning so much about your products while also having a chance to win product so I can build up my selection of colors to use on my crafting adventures!!!
I love me some Sparkle N Sprinkle because it makes my world Sparkaliscious!!! When I know someone who is having a bad day I Hit her with my Glitter! Who wouldn't smile when they receive a card created using SNS glitters and EPs?