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Good Morning, and Happy Wednesday! Only two more days 'til Valentine's Day! 
Who will you blow a kiss to?
(I always try to brighten up someone else's day unexpectedly on Valentine's Day, 
especially those who are the most lonely) giggle.
Anita's Chipboard heart in frame. The frame is textured with Gesso and glitter.
Her heart is textured with SNS Dimensional glue and glitter.
If you were unable to create a bingo “card” prior to the deadline, you may still play and become eligible for one of the weekly prizes. Click here for how to play without a card (see No Bingo Card? And Weekly)

Chipboard is inexpensive and convenient.
It always produces a wow effect when combined with
mediums like embossing powder.
Today's Bingo Words:

104 Fantasy
198 Glitter Fairy
53 Cinderella
156 Romance
77 Cornucopia
11 Rocco
49 Singing

Mailing our cards:
TIP: Last week we briefly discussed Keeping Postage Rates manageable. We learned:
  • U.S. Postal rates just went up to 49¢ for a one ounce letter. 
  • The max envelope size for letters is 6 1/8" (15.5 cm) high by 11 1/2" long/wide (29.2cm). 
  • The max thickness is 1/4" (.63cm).   
Click on this photo from Anita to enlarge the details. 
Two Layers of Chipboard painted.
While the paint was wet, embossing powder was applied and immediately
heat set. The background circles were from a home made template,
covered with Gesso, sprinkled with EP. Allow GESSO to dry completely before heating.
when the Gesso is dry, THEN heat set the EP.

Post Office Tip: Making shaped cards is a lot of fun, and they look so pretty! But the post office charges more for shaped cards (like squares or rounds). Regardless of shape, try to keep your cards within the size restrictions above. Make a 5.5" square card or a 5" round card. That keeps you within the 6 1/8" height restriction. To use a single postage stamp, put your card in an envelope shaped in a rectangle. As long as the ENVELOPE is in a rectangle, it does not cost more to mail them. This also opens up more doors for card fold styles like pretty easel cards. They fold flat, and fit into the rectangle shaped envelopes. Most card recipients do not keep their envelopes anyway.
Shona's JOY card - even if the tree had not been added,
the word Joy adhered in a horizontal fashion on her panel
would have produced an elegant card all by itself.

Heat Emboss the top and sides of chipboard for a finished appearance. Adhere to card or project with any glue, such as Brushable Glue.
Emmy's heat-embossed, chipboard design elements create
dimension and drama -  just a little embossing powder and EP
which has glitter already in it transforms chipboard magically.
A few inexpensive
Chipboard Ideas.

Yesterday we discussed using embossing powders with Stencils. When a variety of textures are used on a single layer, a project displays "dimension". Another way of creating dimension, but keeping a card with less than 1/4" thickness, is to use chipboard which has been embossed or glittered. Because embossing powder produces an elegance on projects, using a simple background with a single piece of chipboard can create wonderful effects! (Keep in mind that stencils can be used on chipboard pieces in the same ways as on cardstock, to create interesting artwork).

A single word or shape using this technique makes an incredible statement. For example the following stand-alone words using embossed chipboard words make a fabulous sentiment and pretty artwork:

  • Daughter
  • Mother
  • Happy
  • Wish
  • Hero
  • Birthday
  • Spring

Using embossed Chipboard shapes without any words can also create a beautiful card without a lot of work. Shapes like:

  • a large swirl
  • sheaf of wheat
  • bouquet of flowers
  • sunburst
  • butterflies

Elegance and dimension can be mailed with a single postage stamp.
Shona's card directions here.

There are a total of 11 opportunities to have your name submitted to on Saturday. Be sure to send an email to with your name in the Subject Sentence followed by the date of the challenge questions.

1) (up to 3 entries) How is it possible to send a square or round card through the post office without paying extra postage?

2) (1 entry) Can "flat" easel cards be sent through the mail with a single postage stamp?

3) (up to 3 entries) Do you only create cards with the traditional single fold?
    a) if yes, will you please share why?
    b) if no, will you please share your two "other fold" favorites?

4) (1 entry) Are there embellishments available which will allow our cards to remain flat enough for a single postage stamp?

5) (up to 2 entries) Why does this challenge post combine information about chipboard and the post  office?

6) (1 entry) if applying embossing powder to a painted surface, should you wait until the paint is dry before heat setting?

warm Florida hugs,

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