Thursday, February 13, 2014


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Love is Sweet

Yippee! It is Thursday! Another Day greets us with new opportunities!
Did you know that this week (Feb 8 - 14) is
"Love Makes the World Go Round; But, Laughter Keeps Us From Getting Dizzy" week?
And today is "Madly In Love With Me" Day! 
Isn't that a great way to celebrate?
So many of us are taught that it is wrong to care deeply about our dear selves,
that we should always put others ahead of us,
but in some very famous words which can help us all:
"Love Others as You Love Yourself"

It's important that we value ourselves so that we can truly value every other person.

If you were unable to create a bingo “card” prior to the deadline, you may still play and become eligible for one of the weekly prizes. Click here for how to play without a card (see No Bingo Card? And Weekly)

On to Bingo! LOL

today's words are:

92 Tips and Techniques
159 Shimmer
111 Ink Refills (aka Reinkers or re-inkers)
135 Delightful
51 Kits
106 Pink
115 Christmas

Marie has applied bright alcohol ink colors to a base prepared for velvet glitter.

We have learned that Velvet Glitters can be colored with all sorts of markers.
They can also be treated similar to glossy cardstock when it comes to alcohol inks or regular ink refills (reinkers).
With Alcohol Inks applied lightly, with more of a "dabbing" method rather than a swish or saturating method, wonderful effects can be achieved. These marbling effects look amazing - and are completely customized.
Here, Marie has utilized pastel color alcohol ink applications.
We may apply any translucent or semi-transparent ink concoctions to surfaces prepared with Cloud Nine Velvet Glitter AS LONG AS the surface is not overly saturated. (Do you recall why? Hint - it has something to do with the adhesive under the glitter). Gently tap from foam or felt applicators if using traditional Alcohol Inks or regular re-inkers for your dye ink pads. Be sure that your velvet glitter has been applied correctly, burnished, and excess brushed off.

In this card, Cloud Nine Velvet glitter was used for the sky in the background.
It was gently colored with blue to produce cloud formations.
The circle was also prepared with Cloud Nine, stamped, and colored in.
Inks created the continuation of the ocean from the background,
and clouds in the sky in the circle also.
How about pretty underwater scenes, or magical backgrounds made with medallions? 

The Answers for Today's Challenge Questions are from this post and from the Tips and Techniques page for Alcohol Inks.
There are a total of 8 opportunities to have your name submitted to on Saturday. Be sure to send an email to with your name in the Subject Sentence followed by the date of the challenge questions.

1) (up to 2 entries) How should alcohol inks or dye reinkers be applied to backgrounds prepared with Velvet Glitters?

2) (1 entry) Why is it important to not saturate the adhesive holding the velvet glitter in place?

3) (5 entries) Can water color inks and alcohol inks both be used on the same panel that has velvet glitter on it?
    a) If yes, why?
    b) If no, why?

good luck!

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