Saturday, February 22, 2014


By Designer Eret Pank

Lots of Sparkle N Sprinkle Winners!

But first...

I have a big favor to ask.
Do you have a blog, Flickr, Picture Trail, SCS gallery, etc, on which you share your artwork?
If so, I'd love for you to email me your link so I can follow you privately
(that is, if you enjoy having followers).
It's been great becoming cyber friends with each one of you!
THANKS FOR BEING WONDERFUL throughout the game!

Sneak a Peek at March 1st's  Reveal!
We hope to see you next Saturday at our March 1 Reveal!

Yesterday's questions were "built upon" your knowledge base from previous weeks. Wow! A whopping 3323 correct responses last week!

Yesterday's Answers:
1) True or False - ALL of the semi-transparent embossing powders show up in the "Semi-Transparent" category.
FALSE - we learned that they also appear under Cosmics.

2) True or False - Opaque glitters can be used with Semi-Transparent techniques.
FALSE - Opaque Glitters will not work specifically with semi-transparent techniques. ST products allow us to see through them, to see what is beneath the glitter. Opaque products block it out, so we cannot see what is beneath the glitter.

3) True or False - Dimensional glue does not really make glitters or flocking powder more dimensional.
FALSE - Dimensional glue really DOES make glitters or flocking powder more dimensional.

4) True or False - Memento Inks cannot be used with watercolor techniques.
TRUE - Memento inks will bleed with watercolor techniques.

5) True or False - Tear-ific tapes may be used with embossing powders.
TRUE - apply Tear-ific tape, dredge with embossing powder, heat set.

6) True or False - It is possible to "mask shapes" using Super Adhesive Sheets and Tear-ific Tapes.
TRUE - there are several tutorials showing the use of the "protective layer" of Super Adhesive Sheets, Sticker Paper, and 2.5" Tear-ific Tape to create pretty masked designs.

7) True or False - After coloring an image with colored pencils, you want to add sparkle, so you choose an opaque glitter to do this.
FALSE - an opaque glitter will cover up your coloring. A semi-transparent glitter or EP is needed.

8) True or False - Ornament Glue will dry clear on glass.

9) True or False - you want to believe in the glitter fairy.
only one person did not want to believe in the glitter fairy!

10) True or False - projects made with digital images are flat and without layers or dimension.
False - we learned that digital works of art can contain just as many layers and as much dimension as any other type of paper crafting. It's all in the techniques selected. Often, it is difficult to tell if a project was made with a hand-stamped project or a digital stamp.

Thank you for your kind comments about enjoying the game.
It makes it all worth while! If it is possible to do again next year, we will make sure to choose January-February since it helps break up the monotony of winter months for so many.

All previous blog posts have been re-published for your perusal.
Each "blog page" holds 5 posts. To see previous posts click on the link at the bottom which says "older posts" and it will take you to the next oldest posts.

Prizes are shipped at our cost - you will not incur shipping charges.
Attention all winners - please claim your prizes by March 1.
Winners are named in the WINNERS TAB at the top.

This week's winners are:
Pat WeBB aka Pat Wenn
(ducking here so Pat cannot throw anything at me)
Debbie Aboulfath

Helen Markee
Carmen Raddatz

Jan Wood
Kristine Mylett
Frann Rosenblum

Pat Hayrynen
Carol Jones
Karen Beer

Congratulations, everyone!

This week winners choose from the following:

 1. any stamp set of your choice


2. any 10 digital images of your choice


3. any 3 bottles of Flocking or Sparkle N Soft


4. any 5 bottles of embossing powders and/or glitters (other than velvet glitter)

Please email me with the exact item number(s) and name(s) of the product(s). My email is in the right panel.
We will also need your mailing address.
If you are international, your phone number is required.

Congratulations to our winners!

and now



Marva Flynn said,

"I believe I have a bingo"


she does!

Congratulations, Marva!
(Marva has been contacted privately about the details)

You all have been fabulous!
Thanks for playing Bingo SNS-style!
Margaret would like to do this again next January and February.

It is our hope that you will continue to enjoy visiting our website, blog, friend us on facebook, follow our YouTube channel and play in our monthly challenges.
I would also love for you to visit my blog regularly if you have time. 
aka "Creative Smiles"


KT Fit Kitty said...

CONGRATULATIONS to the big Bingo winner!!! Enjoy your prize! Congrats to all the weekly winners too! Donna, it has been a lot of fun and I want to thank you for all your hard work and professionalism throughout the game - you deserve a nice break now!

barbara macaskill said...

Congratulations on getting a BINGO Marva!!! Also, congratulations to the lucky weekly winners. A HUGE THANK YOU to Donna for putting this fun game together for our enjoyment and teaching us so much about the awesome products that SNS carries!!! Take a rest and recover from all the work you have put into this for us!! Sparkle on!

NanaConnie said...

A huge congratulations to Marva! So wonderful for you. Of course, we're all just as jealous as can be. :-D Enjoy all the goodies!

Carmen M. said...

Congrats to all of the winners and a big thanks to Sparkle N Sprinkle for the great Bingo game. Donna you did great but you didn't pick me wahhh Lol I forgive you.

Crafty Girl said...

Congrats to all the winners. This was alot of fun. I was so mad when I was in the hospital for a few days and missed some words. I hope that next year the words can be left up for at least the week so in case of some reason or another (health issues, work issues, travel, etc, at least there is still a chance to see the words.

HelenM said...

Donna, Just a BIG Thanks for running bingo. I so enjoyed playing this year. loved your personal comments on my answers email-- as well as the second chance to correct a wrong answer. And what I learned!!! My brain is overloaded!! Thanks again!!

HelenM said...

Donna, Just a BIG Thanks for running bingo. I so enjoyed playing this year. loved your personal comments on my answers email-- as well as the second chance to correct a wrong answer. And what I learned!!! My brain is overloaded!! Thanks again!!