Saturday, February 15, 2014


NOTE: As a result of this week's challenges, a few "mini classes" were added to our Tips and Techniques sections. These are overviews about the products themselves. Thank you for your generous feedback.

NOTE: Many players were confused about the Fabric Glue. It is permanent. Please allow 72 hours before laundering it.

NOTE: nearly everyone understood about using the microfine (velvet) glitters as a base to be stamped on and colored on. But there was a little confusion about my question if Watercolors (and regular markers) could be combined with alcohol markers (and copics) on the same project. As long as the adhesive is not saturated (which will loosen the glitter), you can combine these 2 mediums together. When Staz-on or Memento inks are used to stamp an image, just be very careful about using the "other markers" with those inks. Carefully applied Copics to Staz-on will not cause it to bleed, if most of the coloring you used is actually watercolor. (and vice versa). It is fascinating that the glitter actually grabs both mediums when they are used together - something regular paper or water color paper cannot do.

Sneak a Peek at March 1st's  Reveal!
(but don't tell anyone I showed you! giggle)

The questions were more difficult last week! Many of them "built upon" your knowledge base from previous weeks.
Google Blogger's "counter" does not count as high as 2,023, so I copy and pasted the list from our "eligible for next drawing" tab into my word processor, and let it number everyone.

Thank you for your kind comments about enjoying the game.
It makes it all worth while! If it is possible to do again next year, we will make sure to choose January-February since it helps break up the monotony of winter months for so many.

We would also like to assure players that your prizes are shipped at our cost - you will not incur shipping charges.

This week's winners are:

Sandy Kersting

Carolyn Carter

Ann Gove

Nana Connie

Meralyn Hansen

Congratulations, everyone!

This week winners get to choose from the following:

 1. any stamp set of your choice (two if the sets are $9.99)


2. any 10 digital images of your choice


3. any 3 bottles of Velvet Glitter


4. any 5 bottles of embossing powders and/or glitters (other than velvet glitter)

Please email me with the exact item number(s) and name(s) of the product(s). My email is in the right panel.
We will also need your mailing address.
If you are international, your phone number is required.

Congratulations to our winners!

Monday, we will begin a new round for week FIVE! 
Hope you all are enjoying yourselves.
Please know your valuable time is appreciated.



KT Fit Kitty said...

Congrats to the lucky winners! Waving Hello to Donna!


Anonymous said...

Just curious, how close is everyone to yelling BINGO??? I saw she had asked but didn't see anyone respond. :)