Monday, January 27, 2014


Hi, everyone! It’s a brand new week, 
full of opportunities and possibilities,
so let’s get going!
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Today’s words are:

3   Butterflies
196 Scenery  BONUS WORD
42  Cardstock  BONUS WORD
38  Christmas
81  Micron Pen  BONUS WORD
123 Concord BONUS WORD
63  Paw Prints  BONUS WORD
60  Amber Wheat
152 Blog
157 Fly Away

If you have all 5 bonus words today, your name will be placed an additional 30 times in this Saturday’s drawing. Be sure to send an email to with your name in the Subject Sentence and the date of the challenge question(s).

Directions for this card are here.

Today's Challenge Questions

Today's Challenge Questions are in two parts,
but they pertain to the same subject matter.

The first half of today's question pertains to the card found here.
Last week we discussed the difference between semi-transparent and opaque. Semi-Transparent allows light to pass through, making it a little bit "see-through". Semi Transparent glitters can be used many ways.

When layering your cardstock, use white CS on the base, and a color CS on top. Adhere the two panels. THEN use Brushable Glue to create an unusual look. In this case, the aqua CS is the base, then a white CS was cut, and finally, a “ring” of yellow was glued on top of the white (it made dimension on the ring). 

The glue was “painted on” and glitter was adhered. Notice that semi-transparent glitter in the yellow ring appears to be darker than the semi-transparent glitter adhered on the white base. 

So cardstock colors (or any color under semi-transparent glitter) can change the color of the glitter because the colors under the glitter show through slightly, depending on their transparency.

Three of today’s Challenge Questiions:

  1. How many glitters were used on this project?   
  2. How many glitters were semi-transparent?   
  3. Will semi-transparent embossing powders behave in the same manner on cardstock once they are heat set?  

The same technique was used on this card, however, instead of Brushable Glue a different adhesive was used. 

1) What is the name of the adhesive?    

2) Instead of using colored cardstock to change the color of the semi-transparent glitter, Shona used a different coloring medium. What did she use to color the images?   

3) What one color of glitter did she use on top of the coloring medium?   

4) Did it seem to change the color of the glitter, even though only one color of glitter was used? If so, how many colors does it APPEAR to be?   

For each time you answer a question correctly, your name will be added to the drawing. BUT, if you answer all 7 questions correctly, your name will be entered 10 times. There are a total of 10 opportunities to have your name submitted to on Saturday. Be sure to send an email to with your name in the Subject Sentence and the date of the challenge question(s).

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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