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Welcome, everyone, to our first bingo game in three years! Yippee! My name is Donna Ellis aka “de”, and I’ll be your “Caller” throughout the game! My email address is All correspondence should have your full name in the SUBJECT FIELD of the e-mail.

The right hand panel of this blog contains a reminder of basic rules, and my e-mail address.

If you need to review the rules during the game, just look at the tab on the top of the blog. Weekly winners and Entries eligible for drawing are also shown in tabs at the top of the blog. 

If you were unable to create a bingo “card” prior to the deadline, you may still play and become eligible for one of the weekly prizes. Click here for how to play without a card (see No Bingo Card? And Weekly)

Basically, to play in the weekly challenges, simply follow the directions for the day to have your name deposited in the drawing conducted by on Saturdays. Ignore the portion which lists the daily words.

Words will be posted daily Monday-Friday between the hours of 11AM – 3PM Eastern Standard Time (New York/Miami time), and will remain on the blog for 72 hours, and then be forever removed (smile), so you are encouraged to check daily for your bingo words.

First – our words for the day:

200 Copic Sketch Marker
80  Turquoise
116 Incredible BONUS WORD
66 Ocean Treasures
20  Petal Soft
25  Semi-Transparent BONUS WORD
179 Holly BONUS WORD
12  Seahorse
134 Craft Room

If your list contains any of these words, just cross them off. The first player who crosses off all 75 words on their list wins the grand prize.

Does anyone have all 4 BONUS WORDS? If so, please let me know in an e-mail with your name in the subject sentence so that your name will be deposited TWENTY extra times in Saturday’s drawing!

If you are playing without a bingo card, or wish to play in the weekly challenge, here is your challenge question. (the more questions you answer correctly each day, the more times your name goes into the bucket for the weekly drawing)

Today’s Challenge:

The words  “Transparent”, “Semi-Transparent” and “Opaque” frequently confuse people.

Transparent means “allowing light to pass through so objects may be seen on the other side” – or “completely see-through”. Clear, meaning you can see through it. This does not mean colorless. Like Stained Glass can be Transparent – there may be color involved, but you can see through it.

Semi-Transparent means there might be a little more substance to the item. Light still passes through it, but it may obscure what is on the other side. For example, etched glass or frosted glass. You might be able to see someone in the shower, but cannot see them clearly because the opaque substance in the glass blurs what is beyond. Semi-Transparent may be colorless or tinted.

Opaque – this means the substance is impossible to see through. Light does not pass through it. Instead of Sheer Semi-Transparent curtains, Opaque curtains are used to block out light and provide privacy.

SNS embossing powders and glitters fall into these categories. If you want to color an image with colored pencils, watercolors, alcohol markers or acrylic paints, you may then wish to coat them later with VersaMark Ink and Transparent or Semi-Transparent embossing powder, and heat set for an unusual effect.

The answers to the following questions can be found in our on-line store.

For each time you answer a question correctly, your name will be added to the drawing.  (Hint: there are a total of 4 opportunities to have your name submitted to on Saturday) Be sure to send me an email to with your name in the Subject Sentence and the date of the challenge question(s).

1.  How many embossing powders are listed in the Semi-Transparent category?  

2.  Are there any Transparent or Semi-Transparent EPs in the Super Thick category? 

3-4.  Name any two semi-transparent EPs found in the Cosmic Powders category.

Good Luck, everyone!

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