Friday, January 24, 2014


NOTE: The Challenge questions are now closed for the week.
Saturday morning 8AM EST

It’s FRIDAY! For those of you with week-day jobs, it’s almost the week-end! We hope you are enjoying the bingo game. We certainly appreciate hosting it!

Tomorrow is SATURDAY! That means that will be drawing one lucky person's name for a stamp set of their choice. The Staff at SNS have been making lots of changes to the website as we play the game. So I'm tweaking the prize a little bit.

Prize: one stamp set of the winners choice (except... see the next paragraph!)

If one of the new $9.99 sets is chosen, then the winner will get to choose two of those. Any of the other stamp set sizes, and it will be a single stamp set. Hope that sounds fair! (psssst! don't tell Margaret though!)

Isn't this custom blend of EP colors pretty? Anita mixed her own colors and wrote a tutorial, too! The tutorial is part of your daily challenge listed below. You can achieve Pearly (Mother of Pearl) finishes, Marbled looks, and texture, all from one powder depending how it is heated and applied.

Chip Board covered with Magic Speckle and other EPs.

Your words for the day are:

199 Surfing
140 Squash
18  Smile
59  Crocus
101 Memento Ink
14  Baby Feet
153 Whooooo Owls
168 Kimono
82  Calendar
102 Coupons
Today’s Challenge Questions (a total of 4 opportunities for your name to go into Saturday’s drawing):

Sometimes people draw a blank when it comes to creative uses for embossing powders. Others think it is too time consuming. In this day and age, we often are so strapped for time that taking a chance on embossing an image can make us stop and reach for a plain old ink pad. I have so many EPs in my stash, that I’ve begun using them in ways other than just on an image. They make wonderful backgrounds and borders, and you only have to keep white cardstock on hand to transform it into something gleaming with amazing, colorful texture.

To find the answers to the first 3 questions, please click hereTo see the photo more clearly, please click on it to enlarge.

1. How many embossing powders did Shona use on her card here
2. How did she apply the Vintage EP?  
3. What type of a finish does the Magic Speckle EP provide? 

Magic Speckle can change the texture and finish of any embossing powder when it is mixed in the other EP or when added on top.

The last answer is found in Anita's tutorial here

4. How many photos are shown in this tutorial for Magic Speckle? 

For each time you answer a question correctly, your name will be added to the drawing. There are a total of 4 opportunities to have your name submitted to on Saturday. Be sure to send an email to with your name in the Subject Sentence and the date of the challenge question(s).

Tomorrow we announce our first weekly winner!

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Pamela Selinski said...

Shona's card frame is so cute. Love all the work that she put into it. I am going to have to try that Magic Speckle.