Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Hi, and Happy Wednesday! If you missed yesterday’s post, please scroll down to find all the information. January 21st’s information will be deleted 72 hours after it was posted.

If you need to review the rules during the game, just click here.

If you were unable to create a bingo “card” prior to the deadline, you may still play and become eligible for one of the weekly prizes. Click here for how to play without a card (see No Bingo Card? And Weekly)

Everyone is doing great! We appreciate all the helpful feedback, too.

Your words for the day are:

79 Christmas Tree BONUS WORD
133 Tulips
182 Blog Hop
78 Sand Castle
107 Velvet Glitter  
47 Pumpkins
9   Winter Wonderland BONUS WORD
70  Canary
39  Website
185 Ocean  BONUS WORD

Do you have all 3 bonus words? If so, please let me know in an e-mail with your name in the subject sentence so that your name will be deposited TWENTY extra times in Saturday’s drawing! If your list contains any of these words, just cross them off. The first player who crosses off all 75 words on their list wins the grand prize. Today's challenge questions are below Eret's card.
 directions here

Today’s Challenge Questions (a total of 4 opportunities for your name to go into Saturday’s drawing):

1. Do you make winter holiday cards? (easy, right?)

2. If so, do you ever promise yourself to make them a little bit all year long so you don’t have so many to make at the end of the year? (another easy one, right?)

3. How many SNS rubber stamp sets contain a snowman/snowwoman? 

4. Have you tried any of the Velvet Glitters yet? (it's ok if you have not - smile).

For each time you answer a question correctly, your name will be added to the drawing.  Be sure to send me an email to with your name in the Subject Sentence and the date of the challenge question(s).

I hope today is especially kind to you.

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Pamela Selinski said...

way to cute I love this card. I have seen variations of this card but nothing this cute.