Thursday, January 23, 2014


Singing "It’s Thursday already!", and time for more bingo stuff. (smile)
Today's Stuff is short 'n sweet.

You all have surprised me! I never dreamed EIGHTEEN people would have the bonus words! Yowser! LOL

did you notice all our "P4" size (5" x 7") stamp sets are being reduced for clearance?
they are marked down from $24.49 to $18.49. 
Here's the link.

 Anne's card directions here.

Your words for the day are:

37  Wonder
87 Chirpy Hello
35  Green
184 Resist
142 Facebook
5   Purple
119 Scissors
34  Sweetness
170 Super Thick Gold
110  Mojito

If your list contains any of these words, just cross them off. The first player who crosses off all 75 words on their list wins the grand prize.

Today’s Challenge Questions:

Here is the link to the website:

For each time you answer a question correctly, your name will be added to the drawing.  There are a total of 4 opportunities to have your name submitted to on Saturday. Be sure to send me an email to with your name in the Subject Sentence and the date of the challenge question(s).

1. Do you make many cards with a patriotic theme? If so, which types of images would you like to see?

2. The website has several sections found in the Green Tabs on top. Each of those sections has more menu items to choose from. Do you ever visit the Art Gallery?

3. How many options does the pull down menu under Art Gallery have?  

4. Will you please share which of the items in that pull down menu you have no interest in? (thanks)

May your day be just right!

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